The former furniture shop on Park Road

The former furniture shop on Park Road

Inside the empty furniture shop

Harry eats sausage by the Mere

A mallard on the wall by the Mere

A duck waddles around by the Mere

A cockerel struts about

A cockerel comes out of the girls' bogs

Mere Street, and Andy the Sausage

Bird attack on the Mere

The rafters of 'Brome Village Hall 2'

The hand-cut rafters of the garage roof

The new office goes up

Millie Cat roams around on the primary rafter

Nice new tiles on the conservatory roof

Millie - the Invisible Cat - has a sniff

The new roof joins the repaired old roof

The new pantry roof

Millie mooches about

Building site progress

Pallets of tiles ready for the new garage roof

The boys are in a cardboard box

Fred's got wings

Harry gets flung around

Harry runs around at Palgrave village hall

They've really gone to town on the decorations

Isobel, Harry and Fred come in from the fair

Isobel with the boys

Santa Claus comes to town

Milly, Harry and Fred mess around on the tyres

Hannah and Isobel discuss the playground

Harry roams around looking cheeky

A skate ramp, and Fred's wings

Fred runs around with his carboard wings

Fred on the steps

Fred goes flying

Harry stands next to the swing

Milly and Fred on the spring seesaw

Palgrave houses

The bus stop in Palgrave