Stradbroke Classic Car Show, Suffolk - 7th September 2013

Andrew, from up the road, is exhibiting his recently-finished Austin A35 in the Stradbroke Classic Car Show, held in the grounds of the High School. Also, it's Fred's last-ever week at Peacock Nursery in Stuston and the last time that Nosher will ever have to pick him by bike on the way home from the railway station.

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Fred stands outside Peacock Nursery as the bike awaits

Fred gives a double thumbs-up on his last-but one day at nursery

Fred runs about

Harry sits in an Austin A35

Andrew's pride and joy

Looking the part, hanging around a 50s (?) Cortina

Harry and Sophie

'Mustang' Maurice Hammond does a fly-past over the show

Fred and Sophie run around Grandad

Grandad roams about

A pink 1950s Vauxhall is inspected

The main instrument panel of an A35

Grandad gets a hug

Harry - Baby Gabey - eats ice cream

The back of a Morris Traveller

A nice old 1958 Jaguar

Andrew's got the bonnet of his A35 up

Harry rolls about on the cricket wicket

Harry walks the line

Taking it easy in another A35

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Fred stands outside Peacock Nursery as the bike awaits