Norwich Gorillas and a Brome Swan Barbeque, Norfolk and Suffolk - 4th August 2013

It's time for the annual Bike Club barbeque at The Swan in Brome, hosted in the back garden of the pub and helped along by the continuing run of good weather. The next day, we're in Norwich to get shoes for the boys, and see a few brightly-painted gorillas loafing around the city.

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Claire looks over

John Willy, Spammy, Colin 'n' Jill are deep in conversation

Marc stares at the bench

Alan shows he can still kick a ball around

Harry - Baby Gabey - roams around with his 'super cute' tee-shirt on

Claire pulls a pint as Fred waits at the bar

Harry peers through a fence

Later, Harry and Fred are in the bath, doing soapy mohicans

Harry's mohican/spike

Our first Norwich gorilla - with a Stephen Fry theme - lurks outside the Forum

Fred poses by a cartoon-themed gorilla near Rampant Horse Street

Fred has his usual fish, rice and teriyaki in Wagamama's

Isobel tests some make-up out in Debenhams

More testing in the Clinique stand at Debenhams

Fred hides under a gorilla near Lower Goat Lane

Harry sticks his finger up the gorilla's nose

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Claire looks over