Henry's 60th Birthday, Hethel, Norfolk - 3rd August 2013

It's Henry out-of-the-BBs' sixtieth birthday party at his and Fiona's stylish new pad in the wilds of Norfolk, near Hethel. It's a top night of wine, hog-roast, summer vibes and great music, courtesy of a variety of bands from the ceilidh of "News of the Victory" to a Neil Young tribute. As an added bonus, we're staying in the van for the night, so it's beers all round (except for the boys, of course).

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Fred roams around in his (popular) lion costume as the party guests arrive

A black labrador roams around

Guests mingle

It's food o'clock

Fred, Harry and Isobel eat

The stage (well, actually, the decking) is set

Henry, Martin and Fiona

A cake, complete with an impressive icing drum kit, arrives

Henry and Martin admire the cake

Party guests outside the pad

Some ceilidh dancing occurs

In-and-out ceilidh dancing

Henry gets his groove on

The band have a brief discussion

More dancing

Some sort of aeroplane moves

Head to head

The band marquee

Fred leaps off the decking

Fred does more jumping

The band in 'Neil Young' mode

Guitar action

Henry gives it some

A bit of laid-back bass

A Neil Young-a-like

'Don't Spook The Horse'

Henry says a few words

Henry and Fiona (left and right)

Henry with a couple of glasses

A John Preston tribute act

Fiona really gets in to it

Some excellent Jazz/Funk occurs

Meanwhile, Fred actually scores a bed-time story

Fred's new best friend

Soul-ey jazz funk

Fiona finishes up her bass session

The next morning, we head off to explore the enarby woods

The morning sun shines through the verdant leaves, which still look fresh despite a run of weeks of hot weather

A dense stack of wood

Fred, Isobel and Harry

There are several oddly-uniform stacks of wood by the path

There is also a strange brick almost-maze, in the shape of a big '+'

Harry (Baby Gabey) looks like he's holding Isobel up by the feet

Someone's already been busy stacking chairs

Fred scores some toasted crumpet, courtesy of Fiona

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Fred roams around in his (popular) lion costume as the party guests arrive