Nosher arrives fro Liverpool Street at 11am

Nosher arrives fro Liverpool Street at 11am

Hacking is in full swing already

The first food arrives

Meat pies arrive for lunch

Błażej and Alex mean business

A bizarre prop: fake grass in a wheelbarrow

Signs dangle frmo the ceiling

Bea chats to Lachie in the lunch queue

The queue for lunch

Intently checking Facebook

Chris holds up a cartoon sketch

Lachie works on something

More hacking

James looks at whatever Alex is working on

Caroline works on something

Joe in the Hub

Doug discusses stuff with Páidí

A pile of empty Peroni bottles

Craig helps to spread out the pizzas

Pizzas are ready for the evening feed

Pizza for dinner

Chet's bicycle experiment by night

Doug eats a hole through his breakfast pastry

Tom and Alex do something with a drum kit

Alex plays drums

Chet investigates something

The end of Nosher's session at 3pm on Friday