A B-17 Flypast, Thorpe Abbots, Norfolk - 27th May 2013

As part of the 70th Anniversary of the USAAF 8th Air Force, the B-17 "Sally B", escorted by fighter planes of "Eagle Squadron" does a tour of various airfields, departing Duxford, flying over Madingley near Cambridge and then visiting Thorpe Abbots before continuing to Leiston on the Suffolk Coast and a return to Duxford. Nosher, Isobel, the boys and Grandad all turf up with a picnic to watch the flypast and - after the crowds disperse - to look around the control tower museum and play on a Willys jeep.

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The Thorpe Abbots control tower, restored in 1977

People - some in period dress - gather on top of the tower

A 1940s American pick-up truck

A stack of Willys jeeps

Fred and Grandad

More people mingle around on the tower

A picnic unfolds

'Old Glory' flaps around in the strong breeze

A P-47 Thunderbolt, P-51 Mustang, Hurricane, Spitfire and another Mustang of 'Eagle Squadron'

Sally B does a low flypast

The crowds mill around

Up in the re-built tower

About 20 minutes after the flypast, most of the crowds have dissipated from the airfield

Fred and Harry get a go of a Jeep - owned by another Fred

Fred and Harry on a jeep

Harry's desperate for another go on the jeep

Part of the only remaining taxiway on the airfield

The only remaining bit of runway

A pile of concrete and twisted metal

In Thorpe Abbots, we spot an albino peacock

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The Thorpe Abbots control tower, restored in 1977