Emily, Fred and Mel in the back garden

Emily, Fred and Mel in the back garden

Fred reads a book as Harry looks on

Harry heads off for a trundle

Harry, Emily, Fred and Mel

Grandad sits on a bench as Harry trundles

Isobel fires up the new Paellera

Isobel makes a paella in the garden

Fred stands on a bench to see

Grandad in the Cock Inn

Grandad looks around

Harry waves a beer mat at Grandad

Grandad and Harry in the Cock Inn

Fred roams around as Jo and Rob do a sound check

Fred has a dance

Jo and Rob

Jo does some singing

The gang in the Cock Inn's lounge

Jo and Rob chat about something

Isobel dances about

Jo gets into it

Jo sings, Rob twangs

Over at Banham Zoo

A snake is brought out

Fred strokes a snake