The BBs at the Mayor's May Ball, Eye, Suffolk - 4th May 2013

The BBs are doing their thing again for the Mayor of Eye's annual charity ball, held this year at the Community Centre on the Moors, rather than the Town Hall (although the choice is apparently not related to the fact that the latter has recently had its heating condemned). Before the gig, there's the usual couple of hours to kill, so we wander in to Eye for a beer and some tapas at the Eye Queen's Head.

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Setting up

Max fiddles with some wires

Henry sticks his cymbals on

The hall is decorated with a load of paper streamers

Guests arrives as the mayor greets them

More fancy dress - it's a 1960s theme

Merlin's campervan

Former railway buildings on the Vion chicken-factory site

The band wanders through Eye

At the bar

Rob talks about stuff

The Community Centre in the gathering dusk

Rob and Max in the 'Green Room' (the changing rooms)

The showers don't look like they've seen any use for a while

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Setting up