Crap parking in St. Andrew's car park

Crap parking in St. Andrew's car park

Fred roams around Orient Express market stall

Norwich market

The Lloyds Bank Building on Gentleman's Walk

Fred looks at flowers

The Haymarket in Norwich

A Charlie Chaplin-alike scares Fred

There's a demo going on on the Haymarket

The dog looks somewhat fed up of protesting

A Bedroom Tax demo on the Haymarket

A mini 'bedroom tax' protest

Passing life reflected in the window of Top Shop

A pile of gravestones

Harry's got pasta in Carluccio's

Harry looks pleased with himself in Carluccio's

Isobel and Fred trade ice-cream sauce

Harry ponders fruit

The jugglers set up their pitch

The jugglers start off fairly simply

Four-at-a-time juggling in the wind

A trick is set up

The grand finale is a long jump over a boy

A jumper in mid air

A police car does a drive by

Cary's Norwich Market flower stall

Darth Vader and minions assemble on London Street

Stormtroopers and Darth Vader stroll around

Chewbacca and a Storm Trooper pause to chat

The Empire Walks Past

Swan Lane

Back-street decay and graffiti

Fred and a wall

A messy telecoms cabinet

Isobel pushes Harry up Bedford Street

At Laxfield Village Hall, the BBs are at a wedding

Jo, Max and Rob hang about

The drumkit of legendary Laxfield band 'The Pukes'

Henry sets up his kit

Guests are already mingling around

Harry is scooped up by Isobel

Fred gets run over by the wooden bike

Harry and Fred

Harry's got his serious face on in the garden

Harry's enjoying the garden house