A Very Random Norwich Day, Norfolk - 13th April 2013

We're up in Norwich to do a spot of shopping, and there's much randomness occuring. Firstly, Fred's scared by a Charlie Chaplin-a-like, then there's an anti "Bedroom Tax" protest on the Haymarket, featuring the ever-present and still-stuck-in-the-eighties Socialist Worker Party (judging by the "Rejoice" posters celebrating the recent death of Margaret Thatcher). Then, it's lunchtime at Carluccio's (OK, that's not very random and perhaps somewhat borgeois after the demo). After that, there's one of those juggling street-shows on Gentleman's Walk and finally, Darth Vader, Chewbacca and a bunch of Storm Troopers are observed strolling up towards the Back-of-the-Inns.

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Even with a space as wide as a house, some people still can't park for toffee

Fred roams around in the Aladdin's cave that is the Chinese market stall

The grand Lloyds Bank Building on Gentleman's Walk

Fred looks at flowers

The dog looks somehwat fed up of protesting

A mini 'bedroom tax' protest

Passing life is reflected in the window of Top Shop

A pile of gravestones

Harry looks pleased with himself in Carluccio's

Isobel and Fred trade ice-cream sauce

Harry ponders fruit

The jugglers set up thier act

The jugglers start off fairly simply

Four-at-a-time juggling in the wind

The grand finale is a long jump over a cowering boy

At the top of London Street (the UK's first-ever pedestrianised street), Darth Vader and his minions sweep by

Chewbacca and a Storm Trooper pause to chat

Back-street decay and graffiti

Fred and a wall

At Laxfield Village Hall, the BBs are at a wedding

The drumkit of legendary Laxfield band 'The Pukes'

Henry sets up his kit

Harry's got his serious face on as he trundles around the garden

Harry's enjoying the garden house

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Even with a space as wide as a house, some people still can't park for toffee