A South Coast Trip: Sean, Highcliffe and Barton-on-Sea, Hampshire and Dorset - 17th March 2013

The first part of a few days down south starts with Sunday dinner around Sean and Michelle's house in Hordle. This is followed with a trip down the road from the Premier Inn in Highcliffe to the recently-ish-restored Highcliffe Castle (a derelict burned-out shell when Nosher lived in the area) and on to Barton on Sea beach (Nosher's childhood haunt). Finally, we have lunch in the Hare and Hounds in Sway and Hamish swings by on his way home for lunch.

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Rowan and Fred play with a pirate ship

Sunday dinner is served

Sydney helps Harry around

Sean plays his Martin guitar

Harry is in a maze of twisty corridors, all alike

Harry and Fred mess around in the hotel room

Fred and Baby Gabey

Fred looks up

Fred gives Harry a cuddle. Harry's not so sure

Fred roams around with a stick

Fred lobs stones in to the sea at Highcliffe Castle

The vaguely Australian-looking trees on the cliff top

Tree-stump fungus

An almost-empty beach

The restored Highcliffe Castle

Some dude's head

A strange zebra mannequin

A crazy-eyed dog in the Highcliffe Castle tea rooms

An absurd cycle lane on the A337 Lymington Road in Highcliffe

Hanging around at Phil's parents' house

Berenice hangs Fred upside down

Rob with Fred and Harry

Fred and Harry in the hotel restaurant

On Barton-on-Sea beach

Fred's on the rocks

Fred's collection of seaweed

Crashing waves on Barton beach

Isobel takes Fred's shoe off to remove a stone

Boarded-up stripey beach hut

Barton beach huts: it's not quite Southwold

Isobel and Fred stump up the Fisherman's Walk footpath

Harry and Isobel on Barton cliff top

Fred in the Hare and Hounds, Sway (shortly before a tantrum)

Hamish in his 'off-duty copper' disguise

Nosher and Harry

Harry and Isobel

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Rowan and Fred play with a pirate ship