Fred plays with Rowan's Playmobil ship

Fred plays with Rowan's Playmobil ship

Rowan and Fred play with Playmobil

Michelle sets up for lunch

Michelle and Isobel get the sprogs fed

Fred and Harry

Sydney helps Harry trundle around

Harry meets Rowan

Sean gets the 12-string guitar out

Harry trundles around the corridors

Isobel and Fred head back to the room

Harry's in his travel cot

Fred bounces about on the bed

Fred gives Harry a hug

Fred messes around as Harry wants out

Fred looks all innocent

Another hug for Harry

Harry heads off out the door

Fred's in the car park with a stick

Highcliffe Castle

Isobel pushes Harry around in the rain

The steps down to the beach

Fred on the beach

Fred hurls stones into the sea

Fred on a tree stump

Fred climbs around

Ribbons of fungus on a tree stump

Fred on a big log

A view to the Isle of Wight

A new bench is fenced off

Fred in the woods

The formal gardens of Highcliffe Castle

Isobel pushes the buggy around

A statue head

A zebra mannequin

A crazy-eyed dog looks out from the café

The world's most pointless cycle lane on the A337

Bernice hangs Fred upside-down

Phil lounges on the floor

Fred does a sort-of hand stand

Fred plays with Lego as Bob looks on

Harry looks to see what's going on