The view from the bedroom

The view from the bedroom

Icicles form from an overflowing water pipe

Close-up icicles

Fred's got an icicle dagger

Fred looks up at the house

The first turbine goes up

Fred and Isobel build a snowman

Fred adds some eyes

The completed snow man

The church in Eye

A close-up of the turbine construction

A epic crane does its thing

Another chaotic corner of the office

The Oaksmere at night

The Oaksmere's drive at night

Snow on the B1077, and the Brome Swan

The Humphries Barf Glow looks like daytime

Harry's out in his buggy

Harry looks unimpressed to be attached to a sledge

Harry's sledge-buggy

Fred does a snow angel

Isobel does a snow angel too

Harry gets installed in the snow

Harry doesn't want to be sitting in snow

Isobel scoops Gabes up

LoveFilm's thumbnails aren't much use

There's a cool ice shelf on the car