The crossroads to Eye

The crossroads to Eye

Adrian clears snow down at Diss Station

The garden has a decent covering of snow

The sun rises over a snowy scene

A frozen tree

Sunrise on the snow

Golden sun through a snowy tree

The view over the back field

Fred stumps about in the snow

Fred's little house

Fred wanders around in the garden

Millie cat has a sniff

Boris gingerly walks around

Boris follows Fred around

Fred looks up the garden

Fred pulls a glove off

The sun creeps over next-door's fence

Down Rectory Road in Brome

The front of the house

Nosher's bike is snowed under

Ice on the greenhouse

More ice patterns

The car reckons it's -11°C

Fred's Saturn 1B outside the front door

Fred's rocket on the kitchen table

Nosher with the rocket he mostly made

Boris and Millie on the stairs

The snow is just over 10cm deep

Isobel takes a photo

Fred sweeps snow of the table

Isobel tows Fred around on a sledge

Isobel and Fred down the bottom of the garden

Fred gets towed back

A snow-covered walnut tree

Isobel and Fred head off out the back

On the back field

Fred's armed with snowballs

Fred builds a tower for Apollo 7

The Oaksmere's front gate

The Swan under sodium floodlights

The other side of the Oaksmere's entrance

A car pulls off the A140 opposite the Swan