A Trip to Spreyton, Devon - 24th December 2012

For the first time in several years, it's Christmas away as we head down to Spreyton in Devon to stay with Mother for a few days. The journey down is pretty good, apart from one closed juntion on the M4. However, we do stop off at a deserted Reading services only minutes after it had re-opened having been closed for the day due to flooding.

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Harry - Baby Gabey - in an empty Reading Services

Fred's 'rocket' - a mirrored conical ceiling

Harry and Isobel

Fred waves a star at Grandma Janet

Mother looks at a present. Fred checks to see if it's for him

Fred and Isobel walk up the road to Spreyton

The Spreyton village stores

Fred roams around in the rain

A derelict building near the shop

Spreyton dereliction

A rather sweet mosaic stuck to the wall at Spreyton school

Fred stands outside a plastic hut at the Spreyton Pottery

Well-weathered bench at St. Michael's Church, Spreyton

Fred runs up the nave of St. Michael's

Old (mediaeval?)-looking stained glass in St. Michael's

Fred stands on some odd stone steps that lead nowhere as Isobel looks on

The Spreyton sign of three hares

St. Michael's church

Fred in the snug of the Tom Cobley Tavern

Christmas decoration

Harry checks out the menu

The Tom Cobley

Isobel and Fred

Isobel and Mother prepare to eat a random fish creation of Nosher's featuring a lot of citrus

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Harry - Baby Gabey - in an empty Reading Services