Another Trip to Peckham, Southwark, London - 28th October 2012

It's off to London on another trip to see Abbie in Peckham and, on this occasion, Isobel's sisters who are visiting from Dublin. We stay in the same pub-with-rooms as before - the Victoria Inn - on Bell-end[-en] Road, just round the corner from Abbie's pad.

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Harry, sitting on Evelyn, looks up to see what Fred's doing

Harry - Mister Cheese - sits on the floor

Fred shows off more Lego - with added pipe-cleaner spider

Fred stomps off down the lane, followed by Da Wheeze

Piles of discarded cardboard boxes, Peckham

The Peckham Community Centre, where not much is happening

Fred gets the lift

Everyone in the lift

Louise has a smoke outside the community centre

Isobel pushes Baby Gabey around

In McDermott Park (as featured on 'Charlie's Garden Army' on the BBC in 2000), two rams go in for a bit of head-butting

Louise looks a bit dejected, despite the three party balloons

The gardener's hut and various detritus, including the obligatory traffic cone

Evelyn and Fred on a mosaic bench (the fragments were broken pottery found when the garden was tarted up)

Bright blue wrought iron gate at McDermott Park

In The Melange Chocolate shop, a bunch of girls take part in a chocolate-making workshop

Louise keeps an eye on Harry, outside the chocolate shop

A sofa on the pavement, Bellenden Road

Evelyn and Fred, outside a steaming dry cleaners on Bellenden Road

Fred peers down at Harry from his top bunk in our room at the Victoria Inn

Near Abbie's, a bicycle has clearly not moved for a while as nasturtiums are growing through its front wheel

Harry rolls around and looks startled

Bellenden night scene outside the Victoria, featuring an Anthony Gormley bollard or two

Fred's got his eye on the 'Poo Bum' book

Underneath a railway bridge

Fred, Louise and Abbie in Ganapati South-Indian Restaurant, Peckham

Louise has another smoke

Fred and Evelyn cross the road outside the Victoria

Heading up the stairs

A digger through a Venetian blind

The empty lounge of the Victoria

Fred and Isobel roam around the almost-empty pub

An almost-oxymoron shop: 'Modern Typewriter Supplies'

The grim facade of a Peckham school

A plane flies over Peckham

Louise, Harry, Evelyn and Fred with Abbie

Harry has a laff with Louise

Outside Petitou Café, there's a curious steel from stuck to a tree

Isobel pushed Harry out of the caff. There's a map of Peckham in Mosaic on the ground.

Nice tiles outside Petitou

Fred returns to the shop and gets his copy of Poo Bum

A 1988 Citroen 2CV

A statue in an overgrown garden, Peckham Rye

Isobel pushes harry up the lane

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Harry, sitting on Evelyn, looks up to see what Fred's doing