Jaley considers a Graze box

Jaley considers a Graze box

Adam looks over a sea of pizza boxes

It's pizza time for the Wednesday office lunch

Simon Wood hangs around by the pizza

Office mingling and pizza boxes

The pizza doesn't hang around long

James chats

The office on Southwark Bridge Road

Funky office glass wall

Office wall comedy

Nosher's office

La Palma Sandwich Bar, with colourful graffiti

A random caravan is left on Union Street

A sunset over the field

Back in Diss, it's International Market day

A Spanish food stall

There's an open-air CD stall by the Mere

An open-air CD fair in Diss

A view over the Mere

Colourful autumn trees in the Park

An autumn tree

Harry, asleep in the van

Fred's asleep as well

Back home, Fred's installed in his sofa nest

Nosher sets up a Raspberry Pi for Hack Day

A MIDI keyboard is plugged in to a Raspberry Pi