Office Life, Southwark, London - 20th October 2012

A round-up of some office randomness, including pizza and graffiti, and a work-at-home Hack Day project of plugging in a MIDI keyboard to a Raspberry Pi in order to get it to learn chords.

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It's pizza time for the Wednesday office lunch

Office mingling and pizza boxes

The office on Southwark Bridge Road

Funky office glass wall

Office wall comedy

Nosher's office

La Palma Restaurant and Sandwich Bar, with colourful graffiti, on Union Street

A random caravan is left on Union Street

Back in Diss, it's International Market day

An open-air CD stall by the Mere

Colourful autumn trees in the Park

Harry, asleep in the van

Back home, Fred's installed in his sofa nest

For a hack-day project, Nosher sets up a Raspberry Pi

A MIDI keyboard is plugged in to a Raspberry Pi, so it can learn and predict chords

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It's pizza time for the Wednesday office lunch