A September Miscellany, Suffolk, Stansted and London - 25th September 2012

A real round-up of randomness, including a BSCC Bike Club tapas-and-pizza dinner at the Eye Queen's Head, some balloons at the nearby Cornwallis Hotel and a dead mole

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The cats have caught a mole. It's dead, by the way

An orange rose

Another rose from the garden

Harry and Grandad in Amandines Cafe, Diss

Diss Mere

An empty 1940s building on the edge of Morisson's car park in Diss

Fred gets his face painted somewhere, and shows off the fizzing space dust on his tongue

Ipswich town centre, looking up towards Lloyds Avenue

Nosher makes a fairly authentic Korean dinner

A Ruinair 737 at Stansted with a bellicose 'Bye Bye EasyJet' on it

The nose of a 737

Isobel and Harry on the bus to the long-term car park at Stansted

In Diss, Fred's favourite shop is on the move

Paul, Colin, DH and John Willy in Eye Queen's Head

Harry - Mister Cheese - joins in the dinner for a while

Fred in the home office

The tree-lined avenue of the Cornwallis

A couple of balloons kiss

Balloon 'A' takes off

The Virgin balloon flies over

Isobel and Fred

A leafy lane in the sun

Harry - Baby Gabey - is enthralled by Fred's trains

Near the railway station in Diss, the old Charrington's Solid Fuel depot is demolished

The Stansted Express lurks at Liverpool Street Station

At the London office, there's been what looks like an attempted break in

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The cats have caught a mole. It's dead, by the way