A Trip to Soller, Mallorca, Spain - 8th-14th September 2012

It's the second visit in two years to the lovely house of Ca'n Posteta, in the mountains on the western coast of Mallorca, just outside the pretty town of Sóller. This year there are 10 adults (Grandad comes too this year, making it a true three-generational "fammerly" holiday) and five children, which with the "perceived presence of sprogs" power law of 2n-1 (where n is the number of children actually present) means there seemed to be four times as many children/teens as last year's three. Still, the house is big enough so there's always somewhere to hide. Whilst there, there's plenty of massed eating, we finally discover the "big" supermarket after a year of looking, there's lots of hanging out by the swimming pool and, as we have the (only) hire car, a trip along the coast road for Isobel and The Boys to Valdemossa. Also, Philly, Noddy and Nosher head off for a morning walk for a couple of miles up in to the hills - down the road to the edge of Soller and up around the back of the house via Binibassi and down in to Biniaraix for a swift freshly-squeezed orange juice at the Bar Biniaraix, then onwards almost in to Soller again before the return to the house.

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Stansted Airport just after take off

Harry - Mister Cheese - asleep on the plane

The Isle of Wight and the Solent. You can probably see Nosher's old house on the coast too

Fred, Harry and Evelyn in the hammock

The house: Ca'n Posteta

Cacti and mountains

Downtown Soller in the evening light

Cap'n Barnacles sits alone in the town square

Back to the regular haunt of Café Soller

Kids play around in the town square

Hanging around by the street lights

Fred runs around the square

Fred and Isobel in the pool

The back patio and table

The fridge gets ready for the week ahead

Isobel and Harry in the much sought-after hammock

Fred in his pirate bandana

The cloud-topped mountains of Mallorca, as seen from the patio

Light from stained glass plays upon the wooden front door

A farmhouse shuttered window

Multi-coloured eucalyptus tree

Isobel buys Nosher a travel set of watercolours, so Nosher does a little sketchy painting of the scene from the patio

Down on the edge of Soller, some flags and a soft-toy bull

Davida, Philly, Grandad and Isobel walk in to Soller

Back-street shop

Wandering through town in the dusk

We pause for a beer near the tram stop

Café culture

Grandad has an Amaretto

Stained glass over the front door

The swimming pool by night

Harry and Fred eat breakfast

Noddy entertains Harry with a spot of ukulele

A hill-side farmhouse with Soller in the background

Philly, Nosher and Noddy walk from Soller to Biniaraix, via the hills in Binibassi

Bright pink flowers

Philly looks out over a dry riverbed

We inspect a plastic crocodile hung on a fence

Curious mats of red algae in an irrigation pond

Orange juice and coffee at the Bodega Biniaraix

On the tram to Port Soller

Isobel and Harry on the tram

In Port Soller, a bunch of white mopeds

The picturesque bay of Port Soller

Grandad and Fred look at the boats

The touristy frontage of Port Soller

Chuck and Philly set fire to stuff to get the barbeque going

Evelyn and Isobel put out some pre-barbeque nibbles as Ana-Lua bounces around

Philly throws some meat on to the fire

The 'boys' mill around the fire

In the garden, some rope-lights-in-bottles make an attractive illuminant feature

The gathered masses

Sticky the stick insect comes to visit

The party moves indoors as it rains a bit outside

Fred, Harry and Isobel in Valdemossa

Harry says 'hi!' to another baby

Café life in Valdemossa

Quaint tiled illustration

Fred and Nosher

Valdemossan houses

Isobel pushes the buggy around a hedge garden

Harry laughs at something

Interesting flowers

Fred gets a swing

Valdemossa shop

A nice tile depicting Saint Catalina Thomas

Gnarly olive grove outside Valdemossa

Back at C'an Posteta, the vineyard next door

What looks like a Roman villa complex up in the hills of Binibassi, just behind the house

Back at Palma airport - a return to 'Ars(e)'

A load of trolleys get hauled around the airport

A very green 'S7' 737-800

The metropolis of Palma, from the air

Back over the English Cannel it's Brighton and Eastbourne

The centre of London, with the Shard right in the middle

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Stansted Airport just after take off