A Spot of Camping, West Harling, Norfolk - 1st September 2012

The Van gets out for another spin and a spot of camping, at the Dower House campsite in West Harling. Isobel takes the boys over on Friday lunchtime, and Nosher heads out on the bike after work, as it's only 14 miles away. Camping next door is Rachel with Grace and Sophie, so Fred has got someone to play and/or get in to trouble with. The site is in a great spot, near to the "disappeared" village of West Harling, of which remains nothing apart from the nearby church and the dower house itself. There are lots of woodland walks too, and several dens in various stages of construction.

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Uncle Graham is over giving the MX-5 a spray

More MX-5 spraying action

The first coat of red paint is applied

On the way to the campsite, the boarded-up Fox Inn at Garboldisham

An awning full of sprogs: Sophie, Fred, Grace and Harry - 'Mister Cheese'

We wander off in to the deep dark woods

The gang pokes around a tree

Bright green lichen on a tree

Rosie leads the way through the woods

Fred's posse sit down on the grass

All Saints Church, West Harling

An impressive window in All Saints

The nave of West Harling All Saints

The curious feature of an abandoned cooker in the church

A display of poppies

Another view of the stained glass window

Bell ropes: Harrington's Patent Tubular Bells

Milling around outside the church

Harry looks perplexed

Harry has a chuckle

Route 77 - maybe it's not quite the same as Route 66

A tree marked as '17'

Fred finds a den

Sophie, Fred, Rosie and Grace walk the path hand in hand

A graffiti'd tree

Green trees and brown earth

Jack's got orange stuff all over his face

A flock of geese flee the country

Isobel and Rachel reconstruct a den

Harry helps out

Grace, Fred and Sophie

Harry stands up for a photo

Rachel, Sophie and Grace

Fred and Sophie exit the woods

Electricity pylon in Thrandeston

High voltage wires stride across the countryside

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Uncle Graham is over giving the MX-5 a spray