A Bressingham Steam Day, Norfolk, 27th August 2012

Even though it's only a few miles away, it's still only the second visit to the Bressingham Steam Museum, which is a bit of an oversight as it features three barrow-gauge steam railways which it would be quite pleasant to spend the whole day pootling around on. Besides, Fred and Harry love a few trains...

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Fred and Isobel dance along to the radio

Harry - 'Mister Cheese' - has food all over his face

Engines and carriages awaiting restoration

A narrow-gauge engine trundles past the signal box

Carousel horses

Fred and Isobel on the horses

Fred and Isobel at the end of the ride

Harry and Isobel on the train

Isobel and the boys

The engine driver stops for a coffee

The Victorian gallopers are all a blur

The mail train

An old fire engine trundles past a steam bus

Narrow-gauge points

Some shunting occurs on the railway

An engine unit with a Thomas-esque face on the front

The 'Henry Oakley' steam engine

Fred peers out of the window of a diesel shunting engine

Fred points as Isobel and Harry look the other way

In the yard behind SwiftKey's London offices is a giant Mercedes symbol

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Fred and Isobel dance along to the radio