An August Miscellany, Suffolk and London - 15th August 2012

A round-up of August randomness, including bonfires, flowers, a railway cat and some London graffiti

next album: The Campervan Goes To The Seaside, Dunwich, Suffolk - 15th-17th August 2012
previous album: The RSPB Charity Bike Ride, Little Glemham, Suffolk - 5th August 2012

Fred looks around in Amandines

Isobel and Fred make a tower of dominos

Grandad sets fire to more stuff

Fred and Grandad watch the bonfire

A huge conflagration

The old front door burns away

A big red aster flower

A bright varigated flower, like the flames of the bonfire

The garden looks more, well, garden-like these days

Another aster flower

The big skies of Suffolk over the back field

Down at Diss railway station, Station Cat does the rounds

Opposite work on Southwark Bridge Road in London, a closed-up bar

Graffiti in Southwark

Derelict buildings

Graffiti on a railway bridge

The view of the Shard from the office window

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Fred looks around in Amandines