A nice stained-glass roof

A nice stained-glass roof

Milling around in our 'room for the day'

Our tour guide rounds us up

There's an intro talk by the Post Office

An old garage

Błaże sticks a hand up, as Poland is mentioned

More history talks

Dilly Knox's cottage

The derelict Hut 2

Derelict corridor in Hut 2

A close-up of Hut 2

There's a talk in the Bombe room

A reconstruction of the Bombe

A shelf of Bombe inputs

We walk back to Bletchley House

Back in the 'Churchill Room' prior to some lunch

We explore the grand ballroom

An ornate ceiling

Bletchley Park Manor

A wartime Austin 7 and a Willys Jeep

Ad-hoc paintwork on some galvanised garage doors

Bletchley's huts

Some more dilapidated wooden huts

The tour guide shows us the 'radio room'

There's an introduction to Colossus

5-bit International Teletype-encoded punched tape

The stunning rebuild of Colossus

More Colossus

Some bit of Colossus is repaired

An oscilloscope traces out Colossus' output

Anita and Błaże

Racks of valves and wires

A huge bank of hot valves

Jon reaches out as if to touch the beast

Collosus's paper tape drive

A close-up of valves

Another look at insane wiring

Chris's Tigger is on a typewriter

Abandoned furniture

Old security gate, and an electric substation

A heating-oil tank room

Touchtype walks about in the rain

Inside the electro-mechanical Bombe

A slate statue of Alan Turing

More derelict buildings around the site

A 1940s building entrance

Peeling paint

Boarded-up buildings

An exit sign on a boarded building

Some of the renovated non-public parts of the site

Renovated, but not public, 1940s buildings

Boxes in an abandoned room

Some old computer monitors lie around

Some more mouldy buildings

More boardings and peeling paint

An ancient boiler room

Half a 'Hut 2' sign

Un-restored wartime huts

A plant grows up through some steps

A stack of chairs in a derelict hut

A hut whose roof is open to the elements

Back in the Churchill Room