Seomun Market, Daegu, South Korea - 1st July 2012

It's the second weekend in Korea. Saturday is spent working in the hotel as the weather's a bit rubbish and it's raining outside. However, Sunday improves a bit and so Nosher heads off to Gumi station to catch a train down the line to the city of Daegu, some 40 minutes away. The primary focus whilst in Daegu is a visit to Seomun Market - Korea's largest traditional market, home to a somewhat staggering 4,000 shops.

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Rice paddy fields and high-rise tenement blocks on the way to Daegu

A highly disorganised shoe sale occurs in Daegu

Clothing shops in Seomun Market

A fruit seller

A creaky old bicycle (with an optimistic lock on it) and a pile of garlic

The central atrium of one of the huge market buildings is full of food stalls

Thousands of tiny dried fishies

Some dude sells what look suspiciously like insects

The tomato seller weighs out some stock

Nosher's lunch stop: a stall selling sausages wrapped in bean curd and deep fried

The 'food corridor'

A dude with his trolley

The Chilli lady

A whole octopus looks like an extra from the film Alien

Sign over the main gate of Seomun Market

Amusing cartoon sign

A woman sells a range of vegetables

Building works on a Daegu street

Side-street shack

Daegu First Presbyterian Church

Looking out over the roofs of Daegu

A woman crosses a stripy orange speed bump

A US missionary house, built in the Californian style

Daegu expressway, with the Hyundai department store in the background

Colourful wall art

A couple of chairs sit around

A curious blue hut with a peep-hole in the side

A bit of Korean dereliction and rare graffiti

Back in the shopping streets of Daegu, a sleeping homeless dude with his world in a cart

It's the party carriage on a Korean train

A beaten-up train passes through Daegu station

The 16-carriage-long KTX train speeds through the station

Back at Gumi railway station

The tunnel-like entrance to Gumi station disgorges passengers on to the street

Gumi street life, and a 1930s building

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Rice paddy fields and high-rise tenement blocks on the way to Daegu