TouchType do Wagamama, South Bank, London - 6th March 2012

By way of celebrating the winning of Most Innovative Application award at this year's Mobile World Congress, the whole of TouchType/SwiftKey is taken out to Wagamama on the South Bank, under the arches of Cannon Street railway bridge.

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previous album: The Boy Phil's Leaving Curry, Spice Cottage, Diss - 25th February 2012

Round Grandad's in Roydon, Fred dances about

Briefly queueing up outside Wagamama

Menus are inspected

A TouchType table

Joe shows off a video on his phone, as Charlie, Chetan and Doug cluster round to see it

The TouchType massive

TouchType wander back towards the Globe Theatre

Touchtype walk past the shell of a wrecked building

A building's exposed skeleton

Under some railway arches, a couple of abandoned coach seats sit awaiting their fate

An East London street scene

A misty view of The City from the inbound train

New graffiti on the walls near Liverpool Street

More new and colourful graffiti

Another go at the hard-to-get photo of the subterranean entrance and shiny track spaghetti of Liverpool Street Station

A couple of Class 90 locos at Liverpool Street

The Shard finally looks like it's getting somewhere near completed

In the loading bay of the Union Street offices, an abandoned office chair in the rain

The Shard catches the sun

Dramatic view of Cannon Street Bridge and the City

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Round Grandad's in Roydon, Fred dances about