A Snowy February Miscellany, Suffolk - 7th February 2012

It's a week of snow in the depths of Suffolk - about 12-15cm this time, which in most parts of the world which get snow would not be much at all, but hey - this is the UK (actually, it doesn't cause that much trouble). Fred also enjoys it for the first time (a year ago it was seen as something a bit scary). Nosher's Sis and Brother-in-law Matt are over for a visit from Devon too - they're crashing with Grandad in Roydon, and have the dog with them, much to the surprise of Millie and Boris the cats.

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Fred trundles around and makes a snowball

A bit of the garden in snow

The cars are a bit buried

Fred does a bit of clearing

Fred heads of on his sledge, all packed up

Isobel hauls Fred off

Fred and Isobel venture off across the side field

A field of snow and footprints (and Isobel and Fred in the distance)

It's house-warming time over at Allyson and John's near Tacolneston. Clive plays some tunes

Fred in the Thornham Folly

Alfie leaps up at a snowball

The Thornham Walled garden

Sis tries to pull Fred away, but he's stuck to the gate

Matt, Alfie and Grandad

Sis, Matt, Isobel and the dog mill around

Deeply-cracked bark

A finch of some kind

Blue Tit and Coal Tit action (hehe: Tits)

Fred stumps around in his dinosaur suit

Matt makes Fred an excellent Lego Tyrannosaur

Millie the Mooch is a bit freaked out that there's a dog in her lounge

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Fred trundles around and makes a snowball