Christmas Day, Suffolk - 25th December 2011

It's Christmas, and we're staying in Suffolk again (after all, it would be churlish to go away having only just got Fred's Grandad to move over from Macclesfield). As well as turkey (for the first time in years), there's the traditional lunchtime beer up The Swan. It also marks the debut of the new (Christmas present) camera - a rather lovely Pentax K-5.

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Fred messes around with his (old) blocks

Fred's new 'Hot Wheels' track is all set up

Oak scoots around on the floor of the pub

Fred gets a go of Clare's new sprog

Rosie shakes her head vigorously and blurs in to a cone of hair

Fred strokes the baby's head

Lunchtime pub scene

Oak tries to hide behind a bead curtain

Mikey P with new sprog

Isobel sits in the creche end of the pub

Marc eats some of Fred's home-made biscuits

Outside, the Mikey P massive chat briefly to Grandad

Mikey P

Isobel walks up the long tree-lined avenue to the Cornwallis

Christmas dinner table

Fred's got a '6' sticker stuck to his head

Fred builds a tower out of his new Lego

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Fred messes around with his (old) blocks