Fred's First Nativity, Palgrave Church, Suffolk - 8th December 2011

It's Fred first-ever appearance in a Nativity play - Peacock Nursery's staging of "an Easy Cheesy Nativity" held in Palgrave Church. It's properly traditional: Fred's playing the part of a shepherd, complete with a tea-towel on his head.

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Fred as a shepherd

Mingling in the church

The interesting painted roof of Palgrave Church

Fred escapes from the stage

Children mill around

The Nativity play reachs its denoument

Fred hangs on the Jemma

Fred takes his tea-towel off

It's the baby Jeebers

Baby Jesus' acting is thought by some to be a little wooden

Nice old stained glass window

And a striking modern stained glass window

Isobel and Fred head off back to the car

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Fred as a shepherd