The Eye Christmas Lights Switch-On, Suffolk - 2nd December 2011

It's time for the annual Christmas Lights switch-on at Eye. This year's "celebrity" switcher-onner is the the editor of the EDP or something, which at least is a real job and still beats some Z-list celebro-twat who's only famous for being on some trash programme on a minor satellite channel. The next day, we go for a walk to see Chinner the horse. Boris (the cat) decides to follow us all the way round, until he gets a bit scared and meows to get us to take him back.

next album: Fred's First Nativity, Palgrave Church, Suffolk - 8th December 2011
previous album: TouchType do Lunch, Southwark, London - 29th November 2011

Late opening in an Eye antiques shop

The junior choir assemble on the stage

The vicar of somewhere does an intro

The newspaper editor dude does a speech to the crowd through a megaphone that's not even turned on

Isobel meets Ellie and her friend, who are appearing in the pantomime 'Snow White'

A bit of singing

Clive carried Amelia around

Fred grooves around on the stage

Swinging mittens

The lights are on

The drum workshop

Fred pauses

Girls hang around by a fairground stall

Laurels Farm butchers do a charity hog roast

Boris - stripey cat - in the sugar beet

Fred roams around the field's edge

Fred and Isobel

Fred wanders around by Syd's old sheds

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Late opening in an Eye antiques shop