The view from the 4th floor Oasis meeting room

The view from the 4th floor Oasis meeting room

Grungy buildings and the London Eye, North Lambeth

Paul opens his cake box

Lucy types something

The cake is revealed

Paul's custom racing-car cake

Chetan looks up as the cake is dished out

The cake doesn't last very long

Some of Nosher and Isobel's apple harvest

Isobel takes a phone photo

Piles of apples - the six cases on the left are ours

Our complete harvest, and a fermenter for cider

A hen roams around with some fluffy chicks

Fred in Amandines

The conservatory at Amandine's café

Fred, Isobel and a flowering plant

A pile of poles

A nicely-weathered door

Fred burbles around with a model Mustang

Fred shows the plane to Boris

Fred runs around with his new plane

'Janie' flies around Fred's room

Pretend Janie flies around

Fred looks up

Fred peers out of his bedroom window

Fred climbs about

Fred bounces with Millie, as Isobel tries to sleep

Some crap parking outside the bowls club in Diss

Fred and Isobel, with Grace, Sophie and Rachel

Grandad roams around

The Mere

Fred's Grandad helps sort out some walnuts

More walnut activity

Isobel's in the greenhouse

Fred with a stick

Grandad and Fred

Fred and Isobel in the Oaksmere

Isobel and Fred watch the balloon

The balloon lifts off

Isobel and Fred walk around in the sun

The autumnal drive up to the Cornwallis

Autumn trees

Isobel and Fred on the Oaksmere drive

Boris - Stripey Cat - roams around

Boris and Fred

Millie the Mooch follows us as we walk around

Boris chases Fred

Suzanne and Isobel gas as Fred roams around

Suzanne comes over to collect walnuts

Isobel and Suzanne roam the fields

A ladybird creeps around on an exhaust manifold

A rusting aircraft exhaust manifold