An Apple-Picking Heatwave, and Other Stories, London and Suffolk - 2nd October 2011

This set starts off with part of the ongoing attempt to document the ever-changing face of urban decay that is the trackside, near Liverpool Street Station in That There London, whilst on the way to work. There's also a favourite in confused language on a train safety sign, about how to leave a carriage on the other side away from other railway lines (but no hint on how long you should go around in circles before just bailing out). Then, Philly and Davida come to visit on what turns out to be a record-breaking weekend (nearly 30° for an October day). There's a fine misty morning before the heat turns on, whereupon Isobel decides that it's paella time - a suitable posse arrive and help out with the annual apple picking harvest, before food o'clock.

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Some very colourful gaffiti above the more mundane brown wall and silver tags

More conventional trackside graffiti

Railway lines and 'death' graffiti

Another look at a giant clothes-peg and the 'Astro' graffiti

The River Thames in the sunset, looking west from Southwark Bridge

The amusing 'leave the coach on the other side away from the other railway lines' sign

Boris - stripey tart cat

At Fred's nursery, someone has rather bleakly named the Hairy Cow 'Beef Burger'

In the garden, an elder tree has a million spider webs

A spider web in the dew

Philly takes a photo of the spider webs

Spider web close-up

Philly, Isobel and Fred at the sausage van

Fred peers at the ducks

Mikey P picks some apples

Clare and Gemma pack apples as Thomas gets in to a box

Oak, Elizabeth and Fred on the slide

Martina gets stuck in with the packing

Wavy holds a bucket as Mike's up a ladder

Everyone crowds around for food

Fred looks around

The remains of the paella

Davida, Philly, Fred and Isobel at The Swan

Philly holds up Nosher's bike whilst Fred has a slug of his drink, as we cycle back from Eye

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Some very colourful gaffiti above the more mundane brown wall and silver tags