Fred's Birthday and Mildenhall Camping, Suffolk - 25th September 2011

It's Fred's birthday, and by way of something not really connected, we pitch up for a late-summer/early-autumn spot of camping. There's a bit of manic last-minute arranging to find somewhere, and we end up in a nice little spot in-between Mildenhall and Lakenheath air bases. The weather turns out to be better than most of June, and on the second day we take our bikes over to High Lodge in Thetford Forest for a little bit of a cycle around - it's Fred's first ever cycle ride on his own balance bike, and he actually manages to quite a bit of it before resorting to being carried around by Kirsty (on account of Nosher and Isobel having left behind his bike seat in the awning of The Van)

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Clive and Mark discuss the world near the electrical outlets

Fred and his Posse

The owner uses his Teleporter (not the Sci-Fi variety, sadly) to move a picnic bench over

Fred's new balanci bike

Isobel roams around on her bike

Hanging out near the picnic bench

Mark gets the barbeque going

Camping barbeque action

Mark and Clive discuss the merits of local radio

In the caravan

The traditional camping breakfast

The Van, in the background

Milly sees to Emmy's hair

Fred's got a ladybird

Fred's got a sticker book for his birthday

A page of sticky dinosaurs

The children mill around

Amelia sneaks in to The Van to play with Fred's blocks

Nosher sticks the bikes on the van

We stop off briefly at a car-boot sale near the A11 - it's a whole other world

Picnic in the woods at High Lodge

Amelia and Clive

Nearby, a tantalising Chinese barbeque is in full effect. Wafts of tasty smells drift over periodically

The assembled bikes just before the off

Amelia's first time on the back of a bike

Cycling through the forest

More bike action

Fred and Isobel, deep in the pine forest

On the way are several musical interludes - here Emmy and Fred play on a giant glockenspiel

Everyone looks up as a helicopter flies over

More bikes in the trees

Milly is helped over some steps

Isobel sits on a bench and ponders

Another musical installation

Fred walks across a bridge which is 'very very wobbly'

A giant hawser is tied to a tree

Fred sticks his head out a squirrel-shaped hole

Fred gets a ride on Kirsty's bike

The final stop on the bike ride

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Clive and Mark discuss the world near the electrical outlets