The 1940s Steam-Train Weekender, Holt, Norfolk - 18th September 2011

It's that time of year again for the Holt steam-train 1940s weekender - once again in the company of Clive "Chickens", who's there with his GMC 6x6 (more of which later). Nosher, Isobel and The Boy have been watching the "Tour of Britain" steam through Brome in the morning, and so - after having sorted out the van in the first time for a while - rock up at about 5pm. The camping's a bit full, so we park nearby in an empty car park. The following morning, we mill around looking at all the military vehicles and stuff, and then spend a while on the steam trains, heading up to Sheringham for a spot of Fish 'n' Chips (with Caroline and John off of Cambridge, who happen to be on holiday just the other side of Cromer). Later, we get the train back to Holt to pick up Clive's GMC 6x6 truck, which we then processed to take back to Sheringham for the "grand tour". On the way, Clive spots the train coming, and so the chase is afoot to follow it in to town and, as it happens, to follow it out again. There's a chance to get some interesting photos of the trains, although it's incredibly difficult in a fast-moving, very bouncy military truck.

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45305 gets its steam on

Ellie's granddad, Ellie, Fred and Isobel watch the trains at Holt station

45305 swaps ends

The LMS Stanier Class 45305 steams backwards past the signal box

The camper van considers its night-time fate in a car park

In the morning, Fred does his 'earwig face'

A spider web on the van window

Huddled masses around jeep

A troup of girls march around singing 'A Long Way to Tipperary'

A small boy with a large gun

Isobel and Fred with the Cambridge massive

A photographer gets a shot of the 1940s 'Old Bill'

Caroline, Lucas, Zack, Fred and Isobel

The dude in the signal box at Holt


The view towards the sea near Kelling

The Rear-admiral

An accordion player does a tour of the carriages

Weybourne Station

A pile of rusting wheels

The small boys peer out of the window

The Scarlet Woman looks out of a carriage at a bunch of photographers

A Military Policeman at Sheringham Station

Sheringham sign, and some flowers

Sheringham High Street

Judging by its archaic language, this sign has been around a while

Fred considers some street art/graffiti - a version of the classic 'Queen' photograph

A snack shack with Buddy Holly and Elvis on in graffiti form

John, Zack, Caroline and Isobel eat fish'n'chips

Fred by the sea wall

Inside the Lobster Inn - Katrina and 'The Waves' have met up with us too by this time

Outside the Lobster Inn, and giant lobster

Clive gets his goggles and oxygen mask on

Amelia and Fred - too cute

A jeep with a large machine-gun outside the Lobster in Sheringham

An impressive, if rather ugly, Rolls-Royce Phantom

The gang on the train back from Sheringham

Zack shows his Topps cards to John

A proper old-skool Guards Van, the sort that Nosher remembers from the No. 93 Bournemouth trains in the 1980s

Clive checks that we're loaded in the the 6x6 properly

View from the bridge of Weybourne Station

The 92203 'Black Prince' steams along the track towards Sheringham, tender first

The Pannier Tank steam train L99 overtakes us on the way out of Sheringham

The driver waves goodbye as he burns us out

Suzanne's sister, Suzanne and Ellie pose by the truck

Crepuscular rays cut through the steam and smoke in the trees

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45305 gets its steam on