Railway Miscellany, and Lydia Visits - London and Suffolk, 24th August 2011

A round-up of more London railway graffiti, along the tracks towards Liverpool Street (a rich source of urban decay), plus Fred gets a new bike and Lydia comes to stay for a sleep-over night.

next album: A Bike Ride and Fair Green Summer Fair, Diss - 1st September 2011
previous album: A Manhattan Hotdog, New York, USA - 21st August 2011

The 1859-built hut that is Platform 2's waiting room, at Diss station

Victorian iron-work detail at Diss Station

Old industrial building and refurbished flats near Stratford in London

Some cubist graffiti near Liverpool Street

Underneath the arches, railway style

Striking graffiti - part of the tag 'Astro'

An unusual spelling of 'gross' in graffiti form

Dramatic sunset near Occold, as seen on the bike ride back from Thorndon

Fred tries out his new 'balance bike' near the Mere in Diss

Bright orange life buoy by the Mere in Diss

Fred trundles up Mere Street on his new bike, with Isobel in tow

Millie The Mooch on a bench

Isobel, Fred and Lydia in the garden

Fred picks acorns off the tree

Boris - stripey cat - roams around

Fred and Lydia pick elderberries off the bush

Fred and Lydia mess around in flour having rolled out a load of pastry

Fred inspects his flour closely

Fred helps to plant some tulip bulbs

Fred sticks rocks in his wheelbarrow

Some marigold flowers are pressed in to service as ear-muffs

Millie the Mooch is up a tree

Boris roams around up a tree

Fred scoffs the pizza he's just made

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The 1859-built hut that is Platform 2's waiting room, at Diss station