Rob and Wilma's Wedding, Thornham and Thrandeston, Suffolk - 6th August 2011

Rob, out of off of The BBs (the band that Nosher's in) gets married to Wilma in the stunningly cute thatched church of Thornham Parva (complete with priceless mediaeval wall paintings). The reception is at the equally stunning Church Farm, a few miles away in Thrandeston. Both of Rob's bands play in the evening - Budgie Coleman and the Mustard Men kick off, followed by The BBs, preceded by a number from These Ghosts' Callum Duncan and Wilma's boys.

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Max tweaks a mic stand as we set up in the morning

The dining marquee is all laid out

Back in the dance marquee, Henry and Rob mill around

In the church, a candle and a tartan scene

Outside the entrance, a fortuitous cropping of thistles helps set the scene

Isobel (left) mills around as we're at the church early

More guests arrive

Rob turns up in his 'shaguar'

Handing around by the gate

Rob has his button-hole adjusted

The bonnet of the Jaguar looms large

The church fills up

Wilma arrives

Wilma and The Boys, before going in to the church

Wilma enters the church

Wilma and Rob sign the register

Rob, Wilma, the witnesses and the vicar

The blessing bit

Wilma and Rob exit after the service

Wilma and Rob look up to the gallery

Leaving the church

Isobel, Fiona and Henry in their little corner of the church

Wilma and Rob outside

Crowds mill around

Wilma meets and greets

Wilma's shoes

Rob and a guest

Wilma's girls

Rob joins in with Wilma's girls

Thornham Parva thatched church

Max, Fiona, Henry and Rob share a laff

Guests gather outside the church for the off

A confetti moment

Wilma gets in to the Jag as confetti blows around in the air

Wilma's ready to go

Rob gets in to the Jag

The Shaguar drives off

Over at Church Farm, Thrandeston: Pimms in the garden

A barrel of ice and beer

The headmaster sorts out the group photo

Rob, Wilma and the group photo

The wedding cake

Nosher and Isobel's table

Wilma and Rob make their entrance to the dinner marquee

The crowds applaud the entrance

Crowd action

The Jag sits on the lawn outside the marquee

Glimpses of guests through marquee windows

Wilma's lads

Rob does his speech, quoting from the Diss Mercury

Rob roams around doing his speech

Wilma and Rob

Rob's Best Man does his bit

The guests look on, rapt

More rapt attention


Wilma and Rob cut the cake

The headmaster admonishes the guests

Outside, fires are lit

Bruce plays a number

Callum does a great version of 'Moon River'

Wilma's boys do a musical turn

Tea-lights in the tree

Rob and Wilma do the 'first dance' thing

More dancing

Budgie Coleman and Mustard Men

Wilma gives it some

Bustin' some funky moves

Rob twangs away

Budgie Coleman

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Max tweaks a mic stand as we set up in the morning