Maurice's Hangar Dance, Hardwick, Norfolk - 16th July 2011

Maurice "Mustang" Hammond has another 1940s-themed hangar dance, over on the airfield near Hardwick. Nosher, Isobel and Fred pitch up in the van and camp on the edge of the grass-strip runway for an evening of dancing and music. The band is excellent and there are plenty of people in 1940s-themed gear, Plus Clive's military-vehicle-massive are out in force, complementing the Mustang aircraft parked nearby.

next album: Nosher Flies in a P-51D Mustang, Hardwick (and the Whole of Suffolk) - 17th July 2011
previous album: Clive's Military Vehicle Convoy, Brome Aerodrome, Suffolk - 16th July 2011

Camp-chairs on the runway

Fred and Isobel eat some campervan nosh

A group of people crowd around Janie for a photo

Fred peers out from his buggy den

Marinell the Mustang from the front

A bunch of sailors and an RAF chappie with an oversized moustache

A Jeep trundles in front of Marinell

Mingling around the vehicles

Fred runs around like a lunatic

A 1940s crowd watches the sunset

Clive shakes hands with a guy who's the spitting image of John Laurie out of Dads' Army

Max and Amelia bust some moves

Fred entertains in 'Ladies' Corner'

The Harvard, and in the background part of a rare 'sunset rainbow'

Isobel, Amelia, Suzanne and Fred dance around

Fred and Amelia dance. Fred's got his best 'dancing wellies' on

Amelia and Fred are declared, officially, 'too cute'

More dancing around

Waltzing couples

Ellie, Suzanne, Fred and Isobel

A 'no loitering' sign protects an ammo box stuffed with doughnuts

The scene is just like a military camp

A nice red Jaguar is parked next to the campervan

Fred hitches a ride with Max and Amelia in Clive's truck

Clive clings on to the outside

A horror-film-inspired Ford pick-up truck

The shiny engine of a hot-rod

A bright red 'Posttown Fire Dept' car

Max and Fred pile around on the grass

Clive chats with Maurice

Amelia runs around the hangar

Fred scores another sausage from somewhere

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Camp-chairs on the runway