Oxford to Salisbury - 19th June 2011

The Camper Van commences its 1,000-mile odyssey, starting in Suffolk and heading in a more-or-less South-Westerly direction towards Oxford, via the joys of Luton. At Oxford, we crash over with Caty and Danielli for a night, before heading South towards the coast.

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Oxford's side streets are just like those of Cambridge

Giant tree stumps outside the Oxford Museum of Natural History

A Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton

Fred and Isobel mill around near some skeletons

The T-Rex skeleton is about to run for it

Outside the museum, fake dinosaur footprints have been stuck in the ground

An Oxford college

The Bridge of Sighs

Caty and Isobel stride past the round library

Oxford street scene

Student marxism is alive and well

A derelict building window festooned with leaflets for 'The Hub'

Danielli gets some meat on the go on the barbeque

Fred in Giorgia's play house

Salisbury Cathedral

In the Cloisters at Salisbury are several graffito'd carvings - this appears to be a dog

A rudimentary gaming board, carved in to stone

Isobel roams the cloisters

Another view of Salisbury Cathedral

Brightly-coloured construction

A nice crest ona building

One of Salisbury's ancient city gates

The picturesque river

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Oxford's side streets are just like those of Cambridge