Saxmundham Camping, Saxmundham, Suffolk - 4th June 2011

Isobel's group of Mommies organise a weekend camping trip to the Carlton Park capsite, just outside Saxmundham. The weather's excellent (although it's windy enough), and the site is not too rigidly organised. Plus, it marks the first proper outing for the campervan this year. After the first evening's ad-hoc barbeque, there's a trip to Walberswick, followed by a stop-off at Aldeburgh to get a pile of the legendary fish'n'chips, which are consumed on the windy beach.

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Rosie and Fred in the middle of the campsite

The campervan

Fred roams around with a chair

Clustering round the warmth of a barbeque

Clive munches on a toasted marshmallow

Campfire action

More feet are toasted on the barbeque

Glowsticks in the dark

Fred builds a block tower

A field of barley waving in the wind, and the nearby estate church

Isobel and Thomas, the baby Thomas

The children roam around

Fred breaks in to Clive and Suzanne's caravan and peers out

Down by the river at Walberswick

Picnic at Walberswick

The gang go crabbing

Clive hoists his net in to the air

Milling around with spades

Steaming on to the beach at Walberswick

Fred tries to build a sandcastle with dry sand

A beach scene

Clive wears a pair of Amelia's trousers on his head

A bit of Sea Kale on the dunes

Over at Aldeburgh, it's time for fish'n'chips

Sheltering out of the wind

A nice old cast-iron spiral staircase at the South Lookout

Fred on the sea-wall steps

Fred stomps up the shingle beach

The evening session in Clive and Suzanne's caravan

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Rosie and Fred in the middle of the campsite