June Miscellany: Cuban Bars and Campervans, London and Suffolk - 12th June 2011

A round-up of realy June miscellany: Nosher's work heads out for a spot of Cuba at the Cubana café in nearby Waterloo - it's to celebrate the launch of TouchType's latest version of SwiftKey, the Android keyboard. Next, Nosher, Isobel and The Boy drive the van over to the Mid-Suffolk showground so that it can spend a little time with a few hundred of its compadres - it's the "Alive and V-Dubbin'" show, with plenty of Volkswagen action to while away an afternoon.

next album: A Wortham Christening, Wortham, Suffolk - 12th June 2011
previous album: Saxmundham Camping, Saxmundham, Suffolk - 4th June 2011

Fred tunes his Ukulele up as he sits on the steps of his slide

Fred's got a fist full o' crispy snacks

Ben strides up the road with a bag full of Krispy Kreme doughnuts

Slurping on Cuban-style fruit cocktails

Jon and Ben do a speech

Deep in conversation

A multi-coloured VW van

So that's where all those annoying festival flags come from...

Nosher and Isobel's van looks a little plain compared to the candy-coloured type 1s that surround it

Some dude plays outdoor drums

A hula-hoop-a-thon

Shiny purple wheel-trim


Fred tunes his Ukulele up as he sits on the steps of his slide