April Miscellany, Suffolk and London - 14th April 2011

A round-up of April miscellany: Isobel comes up to London to meet Nosher after work, where we wander over to Brick Lane for a curry and then get the tube down to Brixton to see Faithless on their last-ever tour. The next day, Nosher's Sis and brother-in-law Matt come down from Devon for a visit, where we head off to Thornham Magna for a bike ride the end of which results in Isobel falling off her bike, breaking her wrist and ending up on the Norfolk and Norwich hospital for a spot of A&E surgery.

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Fred plays the piano wearing oversized shoes

Henry's drumkit is ready for a gig at the Cock Inn, Diss

A fairground on Fair Green, Diss

Fluffy ducklings on Diss Mere

Fred gets some flowers for Mothers' Day

At the closed-down Victoria Wines, post piles up at the letterbox

Carved graffiti in a brick wall in Diss

Tottenham Court Road tube is undergoing some repairs

Lasers at Faithless, Brixton Academy

Maxi Jazz and Sister Bliss out of Faithless

Lights and Lasers in Brixton Academy

Isobel tries to get some sleep on the late train back to Colchester

Chelmsford railway station at half-past-midnight

Fred gets a pressie from Sis and Matt

Fred's new aeroplane

Fred goes upside-down round the beer garden of the Four Horseshoes

Fred and Isobel

Sunglasses all round

Sis and Matt cycle through Thornham

Sis, Isobel and Matt wait on a corner by Thornham Estate

Isobel recovers from her operation on the Earsham Ward at the Norfolk and Norwich

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Fred plays the piano wearing oversized shoes