A Trip To Walberswick, Suffolk - 20th March 2011

Nosher's Old Chap is down for the weekend, and as the weather's nice we take the van to Walerswick on the Suffolk Coast for a couple of hours. We try out crabbing with Fred, but aren't having a huge amount of luck with our crab bait of half a banana and a cheesy puff, until some dude gives us a bit of bacon to use. This results in a small crab which we show to Fred, and then we leg it back to the van as it's got a bit cold by this time.

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Granddad and Fred walk down from the sea front

Isobel gives The Boy a go on the swings

The view of Walberswick from inside a K6 phone box

Walberswick's K6 phone box

Granddad returns from a successful fishing-net-acquisition trip

The Old Chap roams around on the green at Walberswick

Black corrugated iron and a stark white sign

The 1940s office of the Suffolk Coastal AONB committee, or somesuch

Fred watches the crabbers from the comfort of the van

Back at Thornham Estate - a blue tit peck nuts

Blue Tit flying action

Granddad and Fred walk the winding path to the walled garden at Thornham

Granddad and Fred

Fred and the Old Chap exit the walled garden

Nosher's Old Chap and a wall

Carved owls in a tree

Fred once more rides the Thornham dragon

Granddad waits

Fred's got another stick

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Granddad and Fred walk down from the sea front