Eye Say No To Waste!, Eye Airfield, Suffolk - 27th February 2011

Moves are afoot to build some humongous waste-incineration plant somewhere in Suffolk, and Eye Airfield is apparently on the list (despite being as far away from most of the county as it's possible to get). Therefore a demonstration is called for, and MPs David Ruffley and Daniel Poulter rock up to show their support. There are over 200 people in attendance, plus a film crew from local TV as well as the Diss Express photographer. Nosher, Isobel and Fred show up too - partly because demos are always good for a photo or two, but also to show some solidarity with the cause

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Fred the Hoody mills about in Amandines

Fred 'helps' Isobel to make some chocolate brownies

Back in Amandines, Steven and Elizabeth, visiting from Cheltenham, stop for lunch

Elizabeth and Fred have a laff as Isobel gets a go of a new sprog

On Eye Airfield, young demonstrators wave placards

A couple of dogs watch from a distance

A dude from the Suffolk Preservation Society says a bit

Placards ahoy

Not without irony: a discared heap of placards saying 'no' to waste

The crowds disperse

Fred chases a girl he thinks is his friend Lucy from Cambridge. The girl flees

Fred and Isobel

Fred trundles about on the airfield

Fibropower's 'Chicken-shit' power station

The police lurk in their surveillance van

One of the local MPs talks to a constituent

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Fred the Hoody mills about in Amandines