The joys of Bury St. Edmunds bus station

The joys of Bury St. Edmunds bus station

Isobel checks her phone at the bus station

People wait for the bus home

Fred looks wary as we walk through Bury

Fred in Pizza Express

Fred looks up to the ceiling

Fred's got pizza

Isobel in Pizza Express

Isobel and Fred

Fred chases Isobel with a balloon on a stick

Isobel and Fred mess around

Walking through Bury St. Edmunds

Bunches of flowers

Fred looks a bit forlorn whilst waiting for mum

Fred with a balloon

A Fred's-eye view of Bury

Classic closing-down sign: everything must go

A National Express coach

We walk back to the car

A 1970s building

We play with some generic Play Doh

Play-doh creations

Pink-haired monster

Planets on a stick