January Miscellany: Thornham, Swiss Fondues and Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk and Cambridge - 30th January 2011

A round-up of January Miscellany: Nosher, Isobel and The Boy take the van over to Thornham Estate again for a wander about, then we're over in Cambridge for the night for an always-excellent fondue courtesy of Rachel and Sam. Finally we decide to go for a subsidised pizza in Bury St. Edmunds, thanks to the "supermarket that ate Britain" (and its vouchers)

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Panes of glass in the greenhouse at Thornham

Isobel looks like a bloke having a wee as she looks through a door

The greenhouses in the walled garden: complete with left-over Christmas decorations

Isobel and Fred

Isobel rides the wooden dinosaur sculpture

Fred roams about

A big carved wooden head

A misty morning looking over the back field in Brome

Wet washing lines and brightly-coloured plastic pegs

Oak tree

A wet oak leaf

Sam gets the fondue on the go in Cambridge

Isobel scopes out a book

Rachel chats

Culprits: tasty but dangerous Schnapps

Later, the BBs are double-booked at their usual rehearsal spot, so end up in Rushall

Mille the Mooch is not so invisible when wearing a furry Boris scarf

Boris and Millie, asleep on the sofa

Isobel checks her pooPhone as we walk through Bury St. Edmunds bus station

Fred looks wary as we walk through Bury

Fred in Pizza Express

Isobel looks at Fred, whilst in Pizza Express

Fred chases Isobel with a balloon on a stick

Fred looks a bit forlorn whilst waiting for Isobel outside a shop

A Fred's-eye view of Bury

Classic closing-down sign: everything must go

Bleak 1970s building

Back at the house, we play with some generic Play Doh

Nosher makes a small planetary system on a stick, as Isobel holds up a star in the background

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Panes of glass in the greenhouse at Thornham