Greenhouse window frames

Greenhouse window frames

Isobel peers into the walled garden

Inside a Thornham conservatory

Isobel and Fred

A new wood feature is being carved

The dragon's nose

Isobel rides the dragon

Fred roams the paths

The blue tits are still doing their thing

The path by the walled garden

Fred in a sea of leaves

A carved wooden head, like a Moai

A winter sky

Stubble lit by a weak sun

Wet colourful pegs on a line

A small oak tree

A hazy sky over the back field

A wet dead leaf

Sam prepares a fondue in Cambridge

Isobel reads a book

Rachel over a glass of wine

There's a curious mixture of dangling things

Some genuine Swiss schnapps

The BBs end up at Rushall for a practice

Rob is a blur of action

Rob twiddles some knobs on the desk

Millie with a stripey Boris scarf

Sleeping cats