Some solo guitar action from Ethan Ash

Some solo guitar action from Ethan Ash

The support band Tristram

The Miserable Rich on stage

James de Malplaquet and the Miserable Rich

The Miserable Rich gig continues

The band are in the crowd

After the gig

The view from behind the sound desk

Fred in the Under The Pier show

Fred and Isobel

Fred watches Whack a Banker

Fred gets his wellies put back on

Southwold Pier

Fred in the van

Isobel checks her phone

Buildings on Southwold Pier

A wet dog looks sad

Isobel picks fluff out of Fred's toes

Fred and Isobel in the van

Millie inspects the buggy on the lawn

The buggy is photographed for eBay

Fred in Mere Moments café

Fred looks confused

Fred looks around in Mere Moments