Fred stumps about in the snow

Fred stumps about in the snow

Fred considers a snowy football

Millie the Mooch looks worried by the white stuff

Fred's slide is covered in snow

Fred and Isobel

It starts snowing again

Isobel fetches Fred's little wheelbarrow

Boris comes over to investigate

Boris jumps into a wheelbarrow of snow

Isobel builds a small snowman

Fred and hat

A performance at the Eye lights switch on

The HAndyman and the Co-op

A group of teens sing, as the lights are on

Wavy, Oak, Martina and Clare

The Hoxon Hundred Ladies assemble

Martina says hello to Fred

The Hoxon Hundred ladies do some dancing

The Hoxon Hundre Morris

Crowded scenes outside the Town Hall

There's some sort of filming outside the Handyman

Fred looks at the ducks by the Mere

Ducks waddle around in the snow

Gulls perch on the railings by the Mere

In the Banham Barrel's back room

Henry takes a photo of his drum kit

Henry's kit on stage at the Banham Barrel

The Barrel's bar

A teeshirt hangs from the ceiling for some reason

Henry in the Barrel

Jo and Rob play with the party-dude's son

Jo and Rob