On Monrovia Street in Nairobi

On Monrovia Street in Nairobi

The City Market, Off Loita Road, Nairobi

Nairobi market life

A downtown market

People mill around a Nairobi market

A back alley behind the market

Will and Tony drive us around Nairobi

Advertising hoardings

Purple blossom is everywhere

More purple blossom

The view from the Kenya Comfort Hotel window

Buildings in various stages of disarray

Reflections in a hotel window

Isobel looks out over the city

Old and new buildings

The back of a rooftop sign

More random buildings

More haphazzard scaffolding

Isobel on the hotel roof

The rooftop sun deck

Piles of rubble down below

Isobel in our hotel room

Street life

Dinner with Tusker beer

The 'Carnivore' restaurant outside Nairobi

Pots of condiments

The staff get word that it's Isobel's birthday

We get a rendition of 'Jambo Bwana' from the staff

The Carnivor's barbeque pit

The front of Carnivore restaurant

The sign for our hotel

Pushing sack barrows on the street

The street outside the Kenya Comfort Hotel

Titters Pub and Butchery - interesting combo

A public toilet, or Choo

Pushing a sack barrow around

Street scene

Strange little tricycles

A local market

The streets of Nairobi

Gravestones, or 'the answer to problem stains'

Some of the roads are hard going

Some dude picks a newspaper up

A woman hauls along a load

Amazing wooden carvings

Woodworkers do their thing

Roadside stalls on Limuru Road

An interesting sort of car wash

The Rilele Africa art studio in Limuru Road

An armchair on the street

A donkey and cart on Limuru Road

The Wa-Njeri General Shop, Ruaka

Wanjoro Animal Feeds

The Kabuku Full Gospel Church, Red Hill Road

A view over the Rift Valley

A zebra-striped hut looks out over the Rift Valley

The White Rhino Curio shop on the top of a cliff

Isobel roams around the van

Will and Isobel talk about stuff

A small café

A woman by the café door

Donkeys haul a cart with some barrels on

Some sort of satellite ground station

Inside the safari van

A Maasai herds cows and goats

A watering hole

Random old petrol pumps in the middle of nowhere

Donkey herding on the plains

Maasai cattle

Cow herding

We follow a bus for a few miles

Wood for charcoal is sold by the roadside

In the town of Narok, another ancient petrol pump

An old dude walks around

Some dudes make furniture by the roadside

A wheelbarrow full of bananas

Adverts for Biddy's Margarine

Dudes on a motorbike

Naibor Drycleaners

On the streets

A load of chairs outside

Everything you'd want in a hotel

The heaving township of Narok

A load of motorbikes

Down by the mosque and the Suzy Building

Striding around Narok

Outisde Narok, there's a welder and puncture repair specialist