Fred gets a belated birthday present

Fred gets a belated birthday present

Fred opens something from Grandma J

Fred reads a card

Fred roams around with letters

Unboxing a present

Fred gets a working mini digger

Fred tries his digger out

Fred crouches by the cooker

Fred in the kitchen

Isobel, Fred and Ellie at Rougham

Clive roams around near the staff car

An old bicycle

A life-size model of a Hurricane

Fred trundles about in wellies

Roaming around in wellies

A tractor runs around

Smoking tractors

A Little Grey Fergie

Clive, in an 'Eisenhower' jacket, inspects stuff

A vintage motorcycle

Camping by the cars

Fred peers in the van

A heavy tow truck

A traction engine trundles away

Ellie looks out of the back of the Chrysler

A Burrell traction engine rumbles past

Ellie and Amelia in the back of the car

Fred peers out

Fred and Amelia look out. Cute

Fred pretends to steer the car

Clive and Suzanne in Nosher and Isobel's van

Spinning wheels

An old RAF fire engine nearly gets stuck in the mud