Rougham Airfield Miscellany, Suffolk - 3rd October 2010

It's a mostly-damp Sunday, and there's not much else to do, so we haul the van over to Rougham for a bit of the "Ploughs to Propellers" event, where Clive is showing his 1941 Chrysler staff car. There's not a huge amount happening, on account of the wind and rain, but it's still fun to have a picnic in a field and watch the various traction engines and military vehicles sliding through the mud

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It's Fred's belated present-opening and he gets a new (functional) digger

Fred practices a bit of catalogue modelling

A Ferguson TE-120

Clive, in an 'Eisenhower' jacket, inspects stuff

Fred sticks his head into the van (to look for more food)

A traction engine trundles away

Ellie looks out of the back of the Chrysler

A Burrell traction engine rumbles past

Ellie and Amelia in the back of the car

Fred and Amelia look out. Cute.

Fred at the steering wheel

Amelia peers out

Clive and Suzanne in Nosher and Isobel's van

Spinning wheels

An old RAF fire engine nearly gets stuck in the mud

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It's Fred's belated present-opening and he gets a new (functional) digger