The Eye Show, Palgrave, Suffolk - 30th August 2010

Isobel's over in Dublin, so Nosher and The Boy spend an afternoon at the Eye Show, confusingly some 5 or 6 miles away from Eye, near Palgrave on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. Fred gets to point at lots of animals and do their sounds, and point at lots of Red Arrows and say "air plane" as they tear around the sky in the afternoon's finale.

next album: A Day in Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland - 3rd September 2010
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A monster 18-hand Clydesdale, of the Welsh Yeomanry

Fred and a horse

Fred finds something more to his size, to his evident amusement

A chicken makes a bid for freedom

Dudes on motorbikes

A motorobike drives over a car

A motorbike does a wheelie on the roof of a car

Claire, Paul, Matthew and Jessica are spotted milling around the showground

A boy gets to play with a tank

Like a scene from The Prisoner off of the 1960s

An old carousel

Carousel horses look slightly sinister

Horses' arses

Little and Large: an 8-hands pony and an 18-hands Clydesdale

Massed horses

Having a gallop

The Red Arrows fly in for their display

Red Arrows formation-tastic

A bird of prey watches mechanical birds

A flying 'T' heads in to the sun

Head-on, with smoke and lights

Backlit trails of smoke

Red smoke, white clouds

Outside roll

A hawk looks on

Some dude on a steam engine

A traction engine prepares to steam off

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A monster 18-hand Clydesdale, of the Welsh Yeomanry