Breakfast at the Buckden Lion

Breakfast at the Buckden Lion

Colin looks over

Fred goes over to visit Bill and Carmen and steal toast

Marc gets his belly out as bikes are unloaded

Bill's dropped something out of a window

Bill and Carmen wave out of a window

Fred checks that the air pressure on Alan's bike is OK

Spammy, Jill and Colin

Fred hangs out with Jill and Colin

More bikes appear

The Boy is installed on Nosher's bike

A BSCC group photo

Paul waits for some mechanical fixing to occur

Colin and Alan sort out mechanical issue

We wait for the others to catch up

Marc holds Pippa's bike up

Isobel and the others catch up

We cycle around Graffham Water

There's a stop to read the Graffham Water info board

Another map check, under a high-voltage pylon

There's more map checking

Another stop

Isobel gets The Boy, and heads off

At the top of a long drag, we pause for a break

Bill discovers that he's sitting in 'bullshit corner'

Lunch in the beer garden

Fred and Marc share a moment

Fred sits on a ride-on lawnmower

Isobel watches Fred

Playing around with a lawn tractor

The lunch pub

Bill carries Fred around

Isobel with shades on

Everyone's got their hands up

Carmen hides under a table

Bill's checks his feet

Fred's loaded into the car

A pause so Nosher can pump up his flat tyre again

The splinter group at the Wheatsheaf, West Perry

Bill, Phil, Colin and Jill at dinner

Carmen has a smile

Dinner is served

The BSCC at dinner

Spammy checks a list

The Saga table

The late-night crowd

Marc reads a magazine

Flags fly at the Suffolk International Kite Festival

Random kites in the air

Fred and Isobel

Fred likes the stuff waving around in the wind

Multiple streamers

A load of windmills

Fred roams amongst the windmills

A Morris dancer waits for a toilet

A horse and cart